Visiting the Lives of Others.

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I checked out some other blogs recommended by an American bloke who has a site devoted to this. Check it out to get an insight into the lives of others and some of the great writing talent that is out there. There is also a great one called “Slice of Life”.

Go check it out!!

First Night at Tulla.

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I came home from work to an  empty, cold, dark house – my first night at my new abode in Tullamarine. A cheery lady by the name of Jeanette is renting out three rooms in a house she bought about six months ago. She gets home well after Ido.

I cooked Tuna casserolle and rice. I sat at the table by myself and stared into my sloppy tuna dish. A pang of lonliness hit me and I wondered, ‘What the hell am I doing here? Where the hell is my family?


The Death of Hal.

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I’ll be without the internet at my new abode for about a week, so I’ll be having a short break. the next step is coming. It won’t be easy on the emotions, but i’ll just have to hang in. Back to my little ones at work tomorrow.

My Favourite Movie Prelude.

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RIP Nezi

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I was all packed and ready to go to my new accomodation when there was a shocking howl from the front door. It was my daughter’s cat, Nezi. She staggered inside and tried to jump on my bed, but fell off. Something was seriously wrong. We rushed her to the vet who said that her condition was critical. She had seriously low blood pressure – possibly in shock with internal bleeding from a car strike or suffering from aneamia. The testing and care could have cost thousands. Charlotte rang her husband and it was decided that Nezi should be euthanased. The vet said this was the best decision. The poor cat was obviously suffering. We were given a few minutes alone with her – poor Charlotte cried her eyes out. The vet then came in and gave Nezi the injection. She went to sleep straight away. We waited a few minutes and then they brought her out wrapped in a special shroud with a kind of ribbon decoration on top. We then took her home to bury her.

What’s Wrong With Folly, If It Makes Us Jolly?

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Warm Spots On a Cold Day.

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My wife called and asked me to meet her today. We met in a coffee shop. She looked, stern and cold. I asked, “how are you”?, and immediatly realised it was a stupid question. She just looked at me hard. She said she would never interfere in my life again. She also said I was cowardly, making the final break in an e-mail like that. She’s right. I should have had the guts to tell her directly. We talked about the kids and she told me what a mess they were and I felt the guilt knives turning in my back. “No, no, no’, I kept telling myself, “this is not just my fault”, but another voice tried to pop up saying, ‘yes,yes,yes” I met my 17 year old daughter K after. It was so nice to see her. We wrapped our arms around each other and hugged with great meaning. We had lunch in a pizza restaurant and we talked about, home, family feelings etc.  She’s always a bit remote and I really need to to get to know her properly in our new situation. We’re going to go to Thailand together to see her brother who is a Buddhist Monk. (another story). I’m really hoping we can get to know each other on a whole new level. She dropped hints about wanting to buy clothes and I immediatly caved in. We caught a tram into the city together. She looked pretty in funky clothes, but a bit tense, looking out the window, a bit absent. She has a marijuana and tobacco problem and I was wondering if it was getting to her. Or maybe the situation with her mum and I. We went clothes shopping in a warm, little shop in a cold, dark lane. I used to hate this kind of thing, but now these were precious moments.  She bought a pretty jacket and a nice warm top. I paid and felt good. I’ll probably hear something about how she  doesn’t deserve this and I’m contributing to her “problems” by spoiling her. Will I give a fuck?  NO.       We kissed goodbye and I watched her walk away and melt into the crowd.

I rode home along a path under the grey, concrete ceiling of a freeway, a cold breeze stinging my nose. A dirty creek ran alongside. I saw an old lady, rugged up in woolies, standing on the edge in the wet grass. Wirey, grey hair stuck out from under a knitted cap.  She was looking at two black swans and their little grey baby swimming in the murkey water.  She was very still, with a calm, contented smile on her face. Nice.