Grasping Hold Of The Wheel – and turning onto my highway.

I sent an E-mail to my wife today – no more reconciliation stuff – I’m heading off in my own direction. I rang up four credit card companies and told them to cancel my cards. I had paid them off, so I happily snapped them and threw them in in the bin.  A lady in Manila said ‘Oh Mr. Williams, you’re a valued customer and  I can approve an increase in your credit limit to $39,000″.  “Actually, no” I said. “I’ve rung up to do just the opposite”.  A young man in Delhi said “Actually you still owe us six dollars – but I’ll wipe it off the system for you’. Nice guy. Just when you’re expecting people to be bastards, they can be nice to you.  I asked him what the weather was like in Delhi and whether he likes his job. “Hot and wet and, actually, yes Mr. Williams, I do like my job”. It’s nice to be able to briefly touch the lives of people on the other side of the world.

Could this be true? Am I actually grasping hold of the wheel and heading off to a place I want to go!    At least it’s a start.  Just stick at it and don’t let the obstacles knock you off course, young man.


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