RIP Nezi

I was all packed and ready to go to my new accomodation when there was a shocking howl from the front door. It was my daughter’s cat, Nezi. She staggered inside and tried to jump on my bed, but fell off. Something was seriously wrong. We rushed her to the vet who said that her condition was critical. She had seriously low blood pressure – possibly in shock with internal bleeding from a car strike or suffering from aneamia. The testing and care could have cost thousands. Charlotte rang her husband and it was decided that Nezi should be euthanased. The vet said this was the best decision. The poor cat was obviously suffering. We were given a few minutes alone with her – poor Charlotte cried her eyes out. The vet then came in and gave Nezi the injection. She went to sleep straight away. We waited a few minutes and then they brought her out wrapped in a special shroud with a kind of ribbon decoration on top. We then took her home to bury her.


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